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Hello fellow vintage lovers and clothing re-makers! Thanks for stopping by


Outside of shopping our curated vintage finds from around the nation, you’ll find a link to my blog, new Etsy shop additions, and our locations events to follow our shop around Atlanta!


As a creative outlet, while living across the pond in Europe, I started my blog: Change of Seamery. It began as a way to document the restoration and reconstruction of all things sourced from flea markets and second hands shops.


While traveling, I developed a passion for vintage: the clothing history, structure, spotting quality work with my naked eye, learning about international brands, and much much more! After returning stateside, I began sourcing local boutiques with curated vintage, formally known as, J. Michael Vintage….check out our Atlanta locations.


And thus was born,! Here you can shop all our new listings, check out my blog posts, listings for J. Michael Vintage on Etsy, and our pop-up shops around the city.


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